Solar power plant with tracking system in Jomarji Bolo (Afghanistan), project funded by UNDP

Technical parameters of the system:

  1. Solar power plant with a capacity of 10 kW;

  2. Place of installation – Jomarji Bolo (Afghanistan);

  3. Installation class – hybrid, i.e. the installation works directly on the electrical network and, in the absence of city electricity, operates autonomously;

  4. Jumao solar panels – 40 pcs., maximum generated power of 1 panel -250 W;

  5. The installation uses solar trackers to rotate the panels and track the sun for maximum installation efficiency;

  6. Inverters– 2х 5 кВт – SunnyBoy, 1×10 кВт- SMA.

  7. The tilt angle is 40º, the solar panels are directed strictly south.