Security and Fire Alarm Systems (SFAS)

Fire Alarm System is designed to timely notify in case of smoke hearth in a protected area. The system is designed and installed according to the standards of fire safety of NFS 88-2001.

Security and Fire Alarm System provides around the clock protection of a facility. In case of power shut off of external power source, it can operate on standby mode for more than 24 hours using the energy from backup power source.

Security and Fire Alarm Systems (SFAS), is an essential part of security systems of modern buildings. Security and fire alarm is required for an instant response to a fire signal and execution of complex measures to eliminate the consequences. SFAS – consist of: fire and security sensors, means of sensor status transmission, control system, control panels, sirens and others. Fire detectors are of two types: smoke and temperature. Typically, smoke detectors are combined with temperature sensors. There are several types of security sensors: motion sensors, glass break detector, contact sensors, vibration sensors.

OJSC “Systamavtomatika” provides the goods and services related to the engineering methods of security and electronic security systems. Most in demand securities: video surveillance; access control systems; fire and security and fire alarm systems.

We provide and perform a wide range of services in the creation of electronic security systems at facilities of varying complexity, in terms of architecture and functionality, and maintain the systems. The presence of highly qualified technical specialist in our company and around-the-clock reception of malfunctions, allows us to quickly respond to any violations of systems functionality, provide quality warranty and post-warranty maintenance for the entire period of operation. Having equipment inventory allows us to minimize repair time or temporary replacement of faulty equipment, without stopping the work of system at facilities.

We perform the following tasks:

  • Examination of sites with consultation on the selection of equipment and systems architecture.
  • Installation, commissioning works and putting into operation:
    1. security and fire alarm systems, and video surveillance systems that is connected to the remote of centralized security of internal affairs agencies, private enterprise security, or a stand-alone site security. Upon client request, alarm events can be displayed on mobile phones which can display tampered and breached areas;
    2. engineering systems, access control systems, installation of audio and video speakerphones;
    3. automatic gas and powder fire extinguishing systems;
    4. fire alarm voice announcement systems;
    5. technical means of protection of extended and spatially separated facilities (perimeter of cottage settlements, parking lots, depots, warehouses, etc.).
  • Preparation of all documents needed for obtaining permits in matching organizations (private security agencies, State Fire Agency etc.).
  • Organization, installation, and maintenance of their own remote centralized security with any number of protected sites.
  • Warranty and post-warranty maintenance of technical security means installed at facilities:
    1. routine maintenance of installed systems at facilities in order to maintain the set parameters and modes of their operations;
    2. emergency repairs and prompt replacement of faulty equipment;
    3. audit of the technical state of the equipment, systems and complexes installed at facilities;
    4. aroung-the-clock reception and registration of customer malfunction orders or incorrect operation of the equipment.

Installation of security and fire systems – one of the most important steps before building commissioning. After all, security is directly dependent on the availability and quality of security and fire systems.

Generally, customers order the installation of security and fire alarms simultaneously.

Installed at facilities of the National Economy of the Republic of Tajikistan, fire smoke removal system and security and fire alarm system functionally consists of: fire alarm constructed in accordance with standards of fire safety and security alarm, technically integrated into one system.

Fire Alarm System is designed to timely notify in case of even a tine smoke hearth in a protected area.

Fire Alarm System is designed and installed according to the standards of fire safety of NFS 88-2001.

The security alarm is designed to detect and signal an alarm in the event of unauthorized intrusion into the premises.

Security and Fire Alarm System created on the basis of modern digital electronic technology, enables to conduct around-the-clock object protection, and in case of external power supply shut off, the system can operate for more than 24 hours in the standby mode, using the reserve power supply, that is included in the system.

Fire alarm is implemented on the basis of the receiving and controlling fire and security devices, fire and smoke detectors provided according to the standards of fire safety, manual fire alarms devices, combined fire detectors that give out, in the event of an alarm, sound and light signals.

For security alarm balanced magnetic switches (BMS) are installed on doors that upon opening the doors sounds the alarm; volume and surface optoelectronic combined detectors (motion detectors) are installed on premises that use infrared light to detect unauthorized intruders at sites; intruder detectors HDB (hidden duress button) are also installed at sites, that upon pressing its button sends alarm signal to the guard post.