Video surveillance system (a.k.a. CCTV), combined with access control system (ACS), and security and fire alarm system (SFAS), is designed for comprehensive protection and security of buildings.

Digital CCTV automates control of surveillance devices, displays the images of secured premises with a smaller scale and archives video records.

The multi-channel video surveillance system is implemented on the basis of video cameras mounted inside and on the perimeter of the building, multi-channel digital video recorders, video wall controllers and monitors in the control room of the facility.

Location of cameras is coordinated with representatives of the security service of the customer.

Installed at the facilities of the national economy of the Republic of Tajikistan, CCTV combined with ACS and SFAS, is designed for comprehensive protection and security of the building, their monetary and material assets, as well as employees working in the building on the basis of modern technology.

Video surveillance system is a term that brings together a wide spectrum of devices. Video surveillance systems can include the notorious surveillance cameras, ordinary household video intercoms and vehicle video recorders. Modern video surveillance systems, in general, and surveillance cameras vary in design and technical performance. From our company you can buy surveillance cameras and video surveillance systems designed to solve many different — even irregular — tasks. All types of video surveillance and complete sets are on sale! Component selection and installation of video surveillance systems is based on the client’s needs.

Closed-circuit Video Surveillance (CCTV) — Home and Office under Complete Security

CCTV — one of the most relevant and popular systems for the owners of country houses and apartments. High-quality CCTV systems are necessary in offices, warehouses, stores and production facilities. High demand of CCTV systems illustrates the need for the installation of surveillance systems.

Based on our experience in sales of CCTV systems, modern system of video surveillance is constantly evolving and developing. CCTV systems must meet a variety of rapidly changing requirements. Development of CCTV systems aims to make the installation of video surveillance, including — surveillance cameras — easier and faster. Additionally, video surveillance systems, over the years, are becoming more compact. And, of course, it is widely used in the current video surveillance system which, above all, means ease of installation, operation and maintenance of the systems or their individual components by the experts of the field. Active development of CCTV systems has led to the fact that the surveillance cameras are now almost in every shop, café and barbershop. Video surveillance systems establish control over the situation at any facility and prevent crime. If, despite the presence of video surveillance systems, intruders were still able to get in and rob the property, CCTV records all of it (CCTV records and permanently stores all the incidents). The obtained data of video surveillance system can be used as evidence in courts. The presence of the surveillance data helps law enforcement agencies to find the perpetrators much easier.

The above mentioned possibilities of video surveillance explain the boom in sales of video surveillance systems, observed in the market. People, finally, have realized that installation of video surveillance helps to feel safe and confident in safety of their family and business.

CCTV is also economically beneficial because it automates safety of facilities which means surveillance cameras do not require the presence of a person or people at the properties. Video surveillance can be performed remotely and part of the functions of rapid response to emergency situations rests with the video surveillance systems. CCTV system is only one part of a complex security system link that can be installed on a site. With the development of software, video surveillance systems can be programmed to perform certain functions in the different situations. Video surveillance systems can be analog or digital. And digital video surveillance systems are rapidly replacing the analog ones.

Installation of analog video surveillance systems is recommended for properties with a small number of rooms. Analog CCTV system records surveillance data on a VCR tape or on the DVR hard drive. DVR — a device that converts an analog signal of camera into a digital, stores the video on the hard drive. This is the main flaw of analog surveillance cameras and video surveillance systems based on them. Due to the ease of installation and low price, analog video surveillance systems are used by organizations. They are mostly used on the facilities that belong to high-risk group. Digital CCTV systems are ideal for large corporations, consisting of several buildings. Existing enterprise LAN is often used for the implementation of digital CCTV systems. Installation of video surveillance in the «figure» is widespread in major corporations and over the vast areas of industrial enterprises. Digital CCTV systems record large amounts of information from the cameras without changing the videotape. Digital CCTV surveillance is efficient and accurate. Data obtained using the surveillance cameras is easy to interpret.

Units of CCTV System: Surveillance Cameras, Transmission and Receiving Units

The main component of any system of any CCTV is, of course, surveillance camera or cameras which we will discuss in details a little later. In the meantime, let us discuss such units as CCTV systems, the lens, mounts and signal processing of surveillance cameras, recording device that displays the captured images on the CCTV monitor. Many video surveillance systems equipped with printers that can print images that are recorded by the surveillance cameras.

Lens of surveillance cameras increases the range over which the cameras can «see.» Video surveillance cameras equipped with lenses capture better pictures of the premises. In order to meet all modern requirements of world it is advised to install video surveillance cameras with auto iris lenses. There are, also, video surveillance cameras that are equipped with zoom lenses that can be controlled by the operator from the control room.

Camera mounts of expand the angle of vision of the surveillance cameras. Camera mounts made tracking of moving objects possible. Installment of video surveillance systems on which cameras tilt horizontally and vertically is not that difficult but their effectiveness increases very much.

In addition, CCTV includes a video signal processing unit. CCTV systems maybe sold with a multiplexer or video wall controller. A pro of CCTV system with addition of video wall controller is the ability to simultaneously process information from several cameras. A con of the system is not being able to record the video surveillance data.

CCTV system with addition of multiplexer allows users to display the image on several monitors which increases profitability and efficiency of the entire system. On this matter, the quality of the monitors is not important, it does not matter if the monitor is black-and-white or colored, the quality of the captured image of video surveillance systems that meets the modern standards is of utmost importance.
Quality installation of video surveillance systems, complemented by various sensors and switches, transforms video surveillance into the real full-fledged security system.

Choosing Surveillance Cameras for CCTV

Back to the main component of video surveillance, the camera. What camera CCTV should be equipped with, one of the main issues addressed in the process of choosing video surveillance system. It is important to take into consideration for further maintenance of video surveillance system. As noted earlier, the installation of video surveillance systems with analog cameras is effective only when it is installed in small areas. In addition, analog CCTV systems are inexpensive. Subsequent maintenance of analog video surveillance does not cause much trouble to the CCTV specialists. Moreover, not so long ago the possibility of converting the analog signal into the digital signal has been invented. By itself, the installation and maintenance of video surveillance systems of this type is a good compromise between the two versions of CCTV systems.

Upon ordering video surveillance systems, the customers also need to specify the area they wish to cover. Based on the customers’ needs CCTV specialists may suggest miniature video surveillance cameras or video surveillance systems that are bulky and visible to everyone on the vicinity. In terms of maintenance, the cover of the cameras plays an important role as it determines the time needed to carry out the subsequent checkup. Our company offers a detailed consultation on surveillance cameras, their types, features, installment and maintenance before you carry out installation of video surveillance before signing a contract on installing CCTV system on the premises of customers.

Installation, as well as maintenance of digital CCTV systems has its own nuances, but in general, it is quite simple. Our experts will do the installation job of video surveillance systems equipped with web cameras.

Installation of Video Surveillance Systems — the Work of a Professional: How to take into Account All the Peculiarities of Installation of Video Surveillance Systems

Installation of video surveillance systems is a comprehensive and multifaceted task which often requires not only professional and accurate, but sometimes trivial and creative approach. Through the efforts of our experts, CCTV installations will be made by taking into account all the features of customer’s premises. The quality of video surveillance installation is constantly checked.

Our knowledge, experience and qualified approach will guarantee that the CCTV installation will be on schedule and, in terms of quality, at the highest level.