Access Control and Management System (ACS)

This system provides control over the entrance to the building through turnstiles, gateways, doors, entry and exit of employees using plastic access cards, entry and exit using biometric data or double control allows you to maintain a database of system users and distinguish between their access levels, allows the operator to open or close the passage from a personal computer, monitor the operation guards, keep track of where the user is. It automatically records all the information and puts it in the archive. In case of natural disasters, the access control and management system goes into emergency mode, in which the building can be left without using special cards.

It is also possible to keep records of the presence of employees at their workplaces, obtain information about the current presence or absence of an employee at the workplace, automate work with the system archive in order to calculate the total time worked by an employee for a certain period. The system allows you to register the presence and/or absence of an employee in the building during the day, or those who left the building without registering at the exit.

The system has the ability to generate a multi-shift work schedule and create an individual work schedule for each employee, taking into account various factors. It also allows you to automate the preparation of reports for accounting departments and view archives.

The access control and management system installed at the facilities of the national economy of the Republic of Tajikistan is designed to control and control access to buildings through turnstiles, provides entry and exit of employees strictly using special plastic cards, allows maintaining a database of system users and differentiating them by access levels. The system automatically records information about passages and alarming events in the archive. In case of natural disasters (earthquake, fire, flood, etc.), the ACS system goes into an emergency state, in which the building can be left without cards. The access control and Management System (ACS) is designed to ensure authorized access to premises that are under protection, control access to these premises and prevent unauthorized entry into these premises.

The access control and management system allows you to organize the passage of employees to a protected facility using code collectors, contactless cards, biometric readers (fingerprint readers), organize the passage of employees through turnstiles, barriers and gates.

ACS completely eliminates the influence of the human factor on the access regime, since access control is now assigned to equipment.

ACS allows you to delimit access to premises. I.e., allow this employee to enter only certain premises in accordance with official authority;

The system allows you to unguard premises and put them on guard. In case of an emergency, the system will issue an alarm. All events, alarms, arming, and disarming are recorded and stored in the system for a long time.

ACS provides remote control of the equipment in real time. Floor plans with each controller can be uploaded to the computer. The operator from his workplace can forcibly open, close and lock the door, issue a hidden alarm and perform other actions.

The system allows you to control the date and time of employees’ entry into the premises, keep track of working hours, identify an employee by visual comparison of the person who used the card and the original photo of the cardholder, monitor the movement of employees around the protected facility, provide protection from transferring the card to another person using the re-entry control system.

ACS allows you to prohibit the passage of employees on holidays, weekends and after the end of the working day, organize a database for each employee or visitor, receive real-time information about various abnormal and alarming situations;

ACS can be integrated with other security systems. Proper integration of ACS with a video surveillance system allows you to fully control the situation at the facility. Due to the presence of alarm inputs and outputs, the ACS can be integrated with an alarm system. This combination allows, in case of unauthorized entry into the premises, to turn on the means of alarm notification of security personnel. Similarly, the ACS can be integrated with a fire alarm system. This combination, in case of fire, allows you to unlock doors, open gates, lower turnstiles for safe evacuation of personnel.

Our organization offers a wide range of equipment for access control and management systems, many options for its implementation, services for the design, installation and commissioning of this equipment.

By entrusting the installation of ACS to us, you will feel a sense of calm and confidence in the right choice from the first minutes of communication. The sensitive attitude of our managers towards you will give you a feeling of care. You will see our installers in action and the feeling of the gravity of the project will leave you. Reliability and lightness will now settle in your heart.

Access Control Management Systems (ACS) equipment

Access control management systems (ACS) use different equipment depending on the specific tasks set by the Company administration and the security service.

Functionally, any access control system consists of the main mandatory elements:

  • Control controller (door or turnstile or other device);

  • Reader (for “input” or “output”);

  • Unlock buttons (usually the “exit” button);

  • An unlocking or locking device (electromagnet, turnstile, barrier, etc.);

  • Interface Converter;

  • Sensors of the state of the security object (reed switch, laser motion sensors, volumetric sensors, etc.);

  • An uninterruptible power supply unit with an emergency power supply system;

  • The software installed on the server.

Small access control and management systems.

  • Autonomous access control system for one point of passage;

  • A network access control system for one point of passage with the organization of working hours;

  • Autonomous access control system for multiple access points;

  • Network access control system for multiple access points with time tracking;

  • Access control and management system with a single point of passage through the turnstile and gateway;

  • The system of control and management of entry / exit of vehicles. Actuating devices: a barrier or a controlled gate. Identifiers: magnetic and proxi-cards, Tach-Memory keys or car: Proximity tags;

  • SKD “Checkpoint-Pass Office” Access control and management system with support for all functions of the Pass Office and a checkpoint for three pass points;

  • Access control system with control of the central checkpoint and access points at a remote facility from the head office;

  • Access control and management system with the organization of passage control and monitoring of alarm sensors and video monitoring;

  • A full-featured, universal access control and management system for small, medium and large enterprises.