Installation of a solar network photovoltaic station in the production workshops of Bunyodkor-T LLC with a capacity of 40 kW

In this enterprise, Bunyodkor-T LLC, a solar station with a capacity of 100 kW has been installed, but now photovoltaic panels are actively operating at a power of 40 kW. At the same time, solar panels are planned to be increased to a capacity of 100 kW in the coming year.

The essence of the work in this project had several stages and a package of reporting documents:

Stage 1. An energy audit of the production complex was carried out:

1.1. An analysis of energy costs was carried out;

1.2. Identification of the most energy-intensive equipment;

1.3. Factory installed power analyzer;

1.4. A list of activities/recommendations/action plan to reduce energy costs has been developed;

1.5. A document report was compiled and the results were agreed upon.

Result: An energy audit report of the enterprise and an action plan to reduce energy costs were prepared and provided.

Stage 2. A project for a solar photovoltaic installation operating in connection with the city power supply network has been prepared:

2.1. The location for installing solar panels and photovoltaic system inverters has been selected;

2.2. Selection of equipment and materials;

2.3. Project and estimates prepared;

2.4. A feasibility study has been prepared (technical and economic feasibility of creating a photovoltaic station);

2.5. A document report was compiled and the results were agreed upon.

Result: Simulation results, design and cost estimates for a 100 kW solar photovoltaic installation were prepared and provided./h4>

Stage 3. Installation and commissioning work:

3.1. Installation of metal structures of photovoltaic panels;

Installation of photovoltaic panels and inverters;

3.3. Meters and other equipment for monitoring and controlling the system have been installed;

3.4. Connection to the city electrical network and commissioning of the system;

3.5. Training on the operation of the solar system was conducted for engineers;

3.6. The final report was drawn up and the results, conclusions and final recommendations were agreed upon.

Result: Ready-made solar photovoltaic grid power plants with all necessary equipment. Training material.

Our specialists also identified how energy efficiency can be saved in this enterprise and decided to install 100 kW solar panels to save electricity for this enterprise (since they have high electricity consumption).

The energy audit, which was carried out at the company Bunyodkor-T LLC, was paid for 75% by European Bank of the total amount, and the remaining 25% was paid by the customer Bunyodkor-T LLC.