Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative energy includes a number of promising ways of generating energy from the available renewable resources and natural phenomena (wind, sunlight, moving streams of water, geothermal water, etc.). Additional advantages of renewable energy are absence of negative impacts on the environment and human health.

We offer solar heating systems based on solar collectors of the following types:

  • Passive circulation water heating system with integrated tank (thermosyphon type) and vacuum collector;
  • Active circulation double-circuit water heating system with flat or vacuum collector and a heat pipe;
  • Controllers for solar heating systems;
  • Pumps and pumping stations for solar heating systems.

Our offered solar power stations for houses are systems that function on the basis of solar cells that produce electricity from the sun. The use of such systems is relevant to the conditions of the Republic of Tajikistan, since this energy is needed during period of centralized power supply limitation.

We have experience in implementing the following types of solar systems:

  • On-Grid – a system that is connected to the city grid. The advantages of this system are its high efficiency, low cost (due to the absence of batteries and less expensive power inverter) and high reliability;
  • Off-Grid – a complete solar power station with battery system. Such systems are used in the places where there is no access to the centralized grid system. Such systems not only create electricity from the sunlight, but also accumulate it, so that lighting and electrical appliances can be used at any time of the day regardless of weather conditions. They give both AC and DC. For AC an inverter needs to be added to the system;
  • Hybrids of solar generators combined with other types of power plants. Such a system is rightfully considered to be the most effective one. The system may consist of combination of diesel with solar generators, wind with solar, or all three types at the same time. Such systems can provide electricity to several apartments or to a whole building.