>Omni-directional condenser microphone, high fidelity;
>30KV Air contact ESD, built-in Lightning Protection, power supply polarity reversal protection and electrostatic protection; with ALC, DSP digital noise reduction processing and AGC processing;

Easy to install; match with cameras or storage devices which have audio function!


Model DH-PFM141
Scope 5-100m2
Sensitivity -32dB(-45~-215dB adjustable)
Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz
Direction characteristic Omni-directional
SNR 80dB(1m 40 dB sound source SPL)
Dynamic range 104dB(1kHz at max. dB SPL)
Max. sustainable sound pressure 120dB SPL(1kHz, THD 1%)
Output impedance 600Ω(non-equilibrium)
Output signal amplitude 2.5Vpp/-25dB
Working voltage 16DC 12V(9~15V)
Working current 60mA(50~100mA)
Working temperature -30℃~+70℃
Color White
Outer shell PC
Dimension ɸ78mmx26mm
Weight 73g
Carried standard CE/FCC

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