DSS Professional


General Surveillance Management Center

Embedded Linux operating system, C/S software architecture
>Support hot standby for master server
>Support N+M hot standby for slave server High Flexibility and Scalability
>Up to 20 slave server can be managed per master server
>Support up to 5-level cascade
>Support unlimited accounts management, 8000 online users and 500 roles


Memory 8GB
CPU 2.4GHz
Video Management
Number of Connected Cameras Per Server 2000
Clients Per System 8000 Online Users
Numbers of Users Unlimited
Numbers of Roles 500
Bandwidth of Video Input per Server 700 Mbps
Bandwidth of Video Output per Server 700 Mbps
Bandwidth of Video Storage per Server 700 Mbps
Numbers of Storage Servers Per System Up to 20
Number of Media Transmission Server Per System Up to 20
Alarm Inputs Process 1000 channel alarm per second

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